Heat Insulations

Flowtec JSis especially suite d for sealing flange connections, pipe systems, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, etc. In addition, it¡¯s also ideal for seals in glass, enamel and plastic flanges, vessels and special shaped sealing surface.

Flowtec JS54 saves money and time. Since there is no scrap or waste, it costs less than other gasket materials. By using only a few sizes, large inventories of sheet gasketing and costly precut gaskets can be eliminated. Installation time is kept to a minimum since there are no templates, precutting or special fitting requirements.

Media Acids, alkalis, solvents, gases, etc.
Temperature -240 up to 260¡ãC
Pressure 100 bar
PH-Value 0 - 14
Density Grade A/B: 0.70/0.80g/cm3
  1.0    1.5 g/cm3 on request


Ceramic Fiber Blanket, Flowtec LYTX-1260T,  LYTX-1427T

Flowtec ceramic fiber blanket is a kind of continuous-noil flat-style fiber blanket and needle-punching processing can further enhance the tensile strength and flat surface. The fiber blanket does not contain any bonding agent. Luyang ceramic fiber blanket has excellent chemical corrosion-resistant performance (excepting hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid and strong alkali such as Na2O and K2O). The performance of Luyang ceramic fiber blanket won’t be influenced by oil and water. Its thermal performance and physical properties can be retrieved through drying. Luyang ceramic fiber blanket is produced with spun technology. This high-quality fiber blanket has excellent processing

or construction strength and anti-high temperature performance which can meet demands for the application of heat insulation on various hot faces and cold faces in different furnaces. It is a new type of refractory and insulating materials provided by our company for customers. The product is white with formal dimension and integrates the performance of heat insulation and thermal preservation together.

High tensile strength
Low shrinkage

Kiln car insulation and seals
Continuous and batch kilns


Heat treating and annealing furnaces

Boiler insulation
Boiler doors
Reusable turbine covers
Expansion seals/pipe coverings

Insulation of commercial dryers and ovens
Veneer over existing refractory
Stress relieving insulation
Glass furnace crown insulation
Fire protection

Technical Index:

Classification Temperatur 1260 1427
Code LYTX-1260T LYTX-1427T
Shrinkage on Heating (%) 1000 C x 24h <= 3 1350 C x 24h <= 3
Thermal Conductivity    
(W/m.k)(128kg/m3) <= 0.153 <= 0.153
(Mean temperature : 500 C)    
Theorotical Density(kg/m3) 96/128 96/128
Tensile Strength 0.06 0.06
(25mm thick) MPa    
Dimension :    
Thickness Length Width
25mm 7320mm 610mm


3660mm 610mm

Heat Insulations.