Silica Fabric (Siltex)

SILTEX Series Style 600, 1120; 1130 or 1136 Silica fabrics are woven from continuous silica yarns, have higher tensile strength than those that leached from E-glass fabric.

These fabrics are applicable to all thermal insulation protection, fire and welding blankets, turbine cover, exhaust silencer cover and curtains that encountered high temperature up to 1600 °C melting point.

Silica fabrics have very high tensile strength to weight ratios, incombustible, mildew resistant and provide excellent heat protection. When exposed to heat, it neither emits flame nor toxic products.

SILTEX Silica fabrics are widely use in petrochemical, oil & gas, chemical, shipyard, aerospace, power generation, steel, aluminum and other metals factory.

Silica Fabric (Siltex).