Fabric Expansion Joint

Fabric expansion joints are suited for gaseous media, such as air, exhaust gases and solvent fumes, as well as for operation below the dew point (also involving substances with a certain concentration of acids), as well as with abrasive enriched gases (e.g. coal or cement dust). Due to their modular design, fabric expansion joints can especially well adjust to different requirements (e.g. critical sealing requirements, frequent temperature and pressure variations) and therefore cover a very wide spectrum of applications.

Fabric Expansion Joint.
Advantages of Fabric Expansion Joints - Lower Overall Costs - Large Movement Capability - Easy to Install - Corrosion/Chemical Resistance -&

Functions of componens of Fabric Expansion.
A. Gas Seal Membrane B. Insulating Layers C. Insulating Retainer Layer D. Back up Bars E. Metal Liner or Baffle F. Accumulation Bag G. Fabric Attachm