About Our Company

PT Restu Prima Mandiri

PT Restu Prima Mandiri (RPM) has developed into the company engaged in the field of services include engineering, supplier, recondition and installation.

With the FLOWTEC brand, we brings the product and marketplace experience as well as the most cost effective sealing solutions available in the market today.

With our extensive experience in the fluid sealing solutions, FLOWTEC is setting new standards of excellence in the serve and supply of fluid sealing products. We committed to providing the best services by providing quality product and competitive price thus increasing for customers.

We believe that the quality customer service can only be achieved by creating a network of trusted professional partners, working together to provide complimentary services in the best interests of mutual clients. We always striving provide the optimum outcome for you of your business.



  • To be the best company in the field of engineering, supplier and services.


  • Build competence and innovative company that excels to the face of competition.
  • Management of the company in a professional manner, with the orientation of a qualtiy product and excellent customer service.
  • Provide the best solutions for creating value-added, to improve the performance of customer-owned business.

The products and services include, design, fabrication, installation and reconditioning products below:

  1. Mechanical Seal & System Support
  2. Compression Packing
  3. Gasketing
  4. Insulation
  5. Flexible Hose
  6. Expansion Joint
  7. Flexible Coupling
  8. Machining, Casting, Hard Coating
  9. Special O-ring & Lip Seal
  10. PTFE Lining
  11. Pumpu, Valve
  12. Recondition, Installation, etc.